University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) - IIS

Interactive Information System or IIS involves integration of software and hardware to present information in a state-of-the-art  manner to visitors of the Aquarium Display. A control room system is equipped with servers to manage the information presented    to several kiosks and other display devices with complete sound system.

The system has the ability to control the shutdown of all related equipment and carry out hardware troubleshooting centrally. Our team involve in designing, develop and installing the software. The system is developed for Advanced Application Systems Sdn Bhd.

Technology: ASP, VB6, Ms Access, SQL Server, LAN based. + interfacing with electrical controllers using JAVA API



University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) - RIS

      Researcher Information System or RIS is a work flow intranet system where all information, data, financial documents and research materials within the Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI), ranging from research papers to thesis, is stored systematically and can be retrieved by users at any time.

    Our team involve in designing, develop and installing the software. The system is developed for Advanced Application Systems Sdn Bhd.

Technology: Open source; JAVA, Apache web server, MySQL.



BP PETRONAS Acetyls - STOP System

      STOP System is an application solution specifically designed to accommodate BPPA projects and plant turnaround (major scheduled shutdown) planning process. This system stores all related data and files associated with specific project and plant turnaround activities. It also enables users to search, browse and manage information needed via client terminals.



Technology: VB/.NET, Ms Access, SQL Server,  Integrate with JDE using JAVA API, SAP, Primavera(P3/P6), Ms Projects, Ms Excel, Webservice


DROPZONE (M) Sdn. Bhd. – Multi-Fulfillment Portal

          Dropzone is a backbone infrastructure provider to the courier, logistics and delivery industry in Malaysia as well as in this region. They create extensive infrastructure and strategic partnerships, thus allow them to be the first company in Malaysia to provide SAME DAY PICK-UP and DELIVERY services catering to corporate and consumer sector.     

       DROPZONE Multi-Fulfillment portal is an internet workflow system which combines information and services into one stop cyber center. This internet application consists of organization’s electronic processes such as e-Courier and tracking system, e-Payment, and various kind of reporting as systems output.

Technology: .NET, SQL Server 2000, internet-based system.


SM CAB SDN BHD - Sistem Sewaan Teksi (SST) : Taxi Hiring System

        With more than 700 taxis to be monitored, SM Cab Sdn. Bhd. has made a brilliant move by implementing computerized system for their operation management. We had been appointed by them to design and develop SST application. 

Technology: .NET, VB6, MySQL Database


PLUS Expressways Berhad (PEB) - Real-Time Traffic Information (RTI)

    RTI is a web-based application purposely developed for helping drivers to get real time traffic information on selected highways under PEB management. By using our back-end system application which pulls data signal from CCTV Server, highway users can monitor real-time conditions and be alerted with real traffic situation via the internet.

Technology: .NET, VB6


Istana Kehakiman, Putrajaya - MediaUniverse Digital Signage System

MediaUniverse Digital Signage System With Cause List Management, & Portal Application for the Chief Registrar's Office of the Federal Court of Malaysia

MediaUniverse Digital Signage Systems is an integrated system used by the Chief Registrar’s Office of Istana Kehakiman to manage and broadcast information via multiple plasma TV units as well as kiosk terminals. Apart from multimedia contents, MediaUniverse is also used to manage and broadcast Cause List information & schedule. This data is also made available for public searching through MediaUniverse‘s interactive application that runs on kiosk units.

Our role is to design and upgrade the existing web site of; the official website of the Malaysian Judiciary;enhancing its strong image. The scope of work included;

• Application Development of Content Management Modules of the Portal.

• Structure, Design and revamp of existing web site and its associated information.

• Incorporating bulletin boards, announcement, forum, document directories and RSS Feed, Videos, SMS Application etc.

• Integrate the new portal with MediaUniverse – Cause List Management module for Cause List information broadcasting & searching via the portal.

Technology: .NET, VB6, PHP, MySQL


Jabatan Muzium Malaysia - Sistem Galeri Foto & Sistem Keratan Akhbar using MediaUniverse

    JMM utilizes MediaUniverse for its Sistem Galeri Foto (SGF) & Sistem Keratan Akhbar (SKA). MediaBank is used for content (photos and paper cuttings) and web applications are used to publish the content to public. The SGF and SKA for JMM have been customized to suit several JMM requirements such as shopping cart and booking process.

   Jabatan Muzium Malaysia (JMM) intends to promote and sell JMM’s photo collections to public globally. For this, an effective media management to manage its media collections as well as a media delivery tool is highly in need. provides JMM with an environment with tools to centrally manage and deliver all its photo & paper cut files and data. The media management process is done using the - MediaBank application while media and data delivery is done through a portal application called Sistem Galeri Foto for public browsing and online.

Technology: .NET, VB6, MySQL, JAVA Based OCR engine



    CiSS is an application that consolidates and stores cancer-related information in a single database. It also acts as a  platform for data mining of content research & accession, content adaptation & processing. It consists of three (3) main  modules. The CaRE Database module captures information of patients, volunteers & KANWORK members and uses  the data to do profiling between cancer patients and volunteers. The CaRE Information & Utility module manages information and resources to related to CaRE resource centre and information directory such metadata of books & publications, specialized hospitals and doctors list , cancer type & treatment, etc. The CaRE Helpline module stores and manages CaRE helpline service by capturing call information such caller info, service referral info, call centre operator info, etc.

Technology: VB6, MySQL, Java Report


Other Projects

Matrade Portal, MOSTI Grant - STOP System, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) - MediaUniverse

   Migration Intranet JKPTG from SharePoint  2007 platform to Drupal 7 platform. Intranets
  JKPTG have 3 main subsystems which is reservation for meeting room, reservation for office   transport and Seltrack. Migration of data/information also implemented into new platform.


 Technology: Drupal 7, MySQL 5, PHP 5, Apache, Ubuntu.