Istana Kehakiman, Putrajaya - MediaUniverse Digital Signage System

MediaUniverse Digital Signage System With Cause List Management, & Portal Application for the Chief Registrar's Office of the Federal Court of Malaysia

MediaUniverse Digital Signage Systems is an integrated system used by the Chief Registrar’s Office of Istana Kehakiman to manage and broadcast information via multiple plasma TV units as well as kiosk terminals. Apart from multimedia contents, MediaUniverse is also used to manage and broadcast Cause List information & schedule. This data is also made available for public searching through MediaUniverse‘s interactive application that runs on kiosk units.

Our role is to design and upgrade the existing web site of; the official website of the Malaysian Judiciary;enhancing its strong image. The scope of work included;

• Application Development of Content Management Modules of the Portal.

• Structure, Design and revamp of existing web site and its associated information.

• Incorporating bulletin boards, announcement, forum, document directories and RSS Feed, Videos, SMS Application etc.

• Integrate the new portal with MediaUniverse – Cause List Management module for Cause List information broadcasting & searching via the portal.

Technology: .NET, VB6, PHP, MySQL