Jabatan Muzium Malaysia - Sistem Galeri Foto & Sistem Keratan Akhbar using MediaUniverse

    JMM utilizes MediaUniverse for its Sistem Galeri Foto (SGF) & Sistem Keratan Akhbar (SKA). MediaBank is used for content (photos and paper cuttings) and web applications are used to publish the content to public. The SGF and SKA for JMM have been customized to suit several JMM requirements such as shopping cart and booking process.

   Jabatan Muzium Malaysia (JMM) intends to promote and sell JMM’s photo collections to public globally. For this, an effective media management to manage its media collections as well as a media delivery tool is highly in need. provides JMM with an environment with tools to centrally manage and deliver all its photo & paper cut files and data. The media management process is done using the - MediaBank application while media and data delivery is done through a portal application called Sistem Galeri Foto for public browsing and online.

Technology: .NET, VB6, MySQL, JAVA Based OCR engine