At Application Universe, our aim is to provide computer applications, solutions and services that meet the actual needs and requirements of our clients. Based on “what you want is what you get”, we help our clients in identifying and narrowing down the needs, designing and developing the most suitable application in the simplest way and also providing our clients with other related services so that our clients get workable, reliable and problem-free systems in return of every dollar and cent invested.

      We have the experience, tools and methodology to quickly analyze the idea and rapidly produce a prototype or a proof-of-concept, which allows to scope out the project together with the client. This capability is a result of a investing time internally and working with clients who at times change business goals or do not provide project specifications.

  At Application Universe, we take particular pride in making our clients feel welcome and comfortable in their contact with us. We have always been sensitive to the special demands associated with clients, and we are constantly looking for ways to extend the range and convenience of services we offer. We make every effort to accommodate the individual needs of each and every client.

Our Scope

Application Universe Sdn Bhd concentrates on software research and development, as well as project management and implementation. We create software products based on our Document Control Framework; core technically conceptual framework used to produce various products for various industries

Custom-based File & Document Control Systems
Windows and Internet based Work Flow and Management Systems
Communications Management System
Product Inventory Systems
Registration Systems
Human Resource and Appraisal Systems
Internet and E-Commerce X-Change
Project Management and Coordination Systems
Planning & Control Systems
Data Repository and Archiving Systems
Digital Media Systems
Kiosk-based Systems
Automation Systems