Comprehensive Training

    We are specialized and well-experienced in the areas of software programming, database design, graphics design and project management to deliver unique and specialized projects and applications. These deliverables are supported with excellent training support to ensure smooth implementation and operation of projects.

      High quality training is available at our training sites or at your facility. Our flexible training curriculum, which includes comprehensive course and reference materials, together with a hands-on approach ensures a comprehensive transfer of technology to the users.                    

Data Migration

 Current document data may reside in excel spreadsheets, access databases, or a legacy document management system. Our IT Personnels can assist you or manage the process of   moving your data from your current system into new developed system.

Implementation and Project Management

      Our implementers provide business analysis, creation of software user interfaces, user profile security levels, and many more  features to mold an application to fit your business needs and requirements. Our professionals can also manage the  implementation of your needed management system. Project management can include business analysis, project planning, and   task tracking. Acting as a middleman between your company and the developed system of your choice, an AU project manager can fill the gap if you do not have the resources.

Professional Consultation

   Explore the different aspects of computer system with an experienced professional. You may not know what options are available for your business. You may not have the resources to explore the possibilities and even where to start. An introductory consultation can give you a head start to becoming knowledgeable in the different aspects of computer system's approaches and help you begin a course of action

   Developing the wants and needs of users, IT departments, managers, external customers and vendors can be exhausting. One of the biggest problems in developing requirements internally is the unequal distribution of priority on one group of users. An outside consultant can be impartial in helping determine what each group's needs are and making sure that the requirements are in alignment.

   There are probably only a handful of developement tools that are right for a specific company with specific needs in a specific industry. Our experienced professionals can reduce your selection time exponentially and help you quickly get to a short list where you can focus on finding the solution you are comfortable with.