STOP Professional

Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning (STOP) is an application solution specifically designed to accommodate projects and plant (power plant, energy and utility plant, oil and gas and petrochemicals plant) turnaround (major scheduled shutdown) planning process.

 This system stores all related data and files associated with specific project and plant turnaround activities. It also enables users to search, browse and manage information needed via provided client terminals.

The output of the systems are comprehensive work packs; consists of Job Method Statement, Material list, Scaffolding instruction, Insulation Requirements and etc. for a specific job, and various sort of reports for decision making purposes

STOP Source Manager

In order to preserve projects and plant turnaround data accuracy and integrity, STOP - Source Manager Application can be used for monitoring mechanism and keeping plant's turnaround planning data updated from time to time.

This application oversees all data management aspects as well as system’s maintenance and troubleshooting.